Carbon Fullerenes C70 98% (cod 012103)


fullereni c70 

Carbon Fullerenes C70 Carbon Fullerenes C70 are the third allotropic form of carbon material (after graphite and diamond). Fullerenes composed of less than 300 carbon atoms (endohedral fullerenes) are commonly known as “buckyballs”. The carbon fullernes C70 molecule can undergo a wide range of novel chemical reactions. It readily accepts and donates electrons C70 (840.77 mol. wt.) Appearance: Granular, dark-brown powder. Sublimed appears as deep blue-black needle-like crystals reaching 5 mm. Thin films (< 5 microns) appear golden-brown. Outer Diameter: approximately 1nm Carbon Fullerenes C70 are a series of hollow carbon molecules that form a closed cage. They are isolated by proprietary methods from the mixed extract (typically <80% C70) of carbon soot produced by a carbon arc operated under a sub-atmospheric helium environment. HPLC analysis is included with sample and indicates the presence of all fullerenes including parent oxides. Samples are vacuum-dried to remove residual solvent. Typically, the hydrocarbon content is <0.5%. Pure sublimed crystalline powders and thin films are available to meet the stringent absolute purity requirements for solid-state research. Hydrocarbon content typically <0.01%


I Fullerenes di carbonio C70 98% sono gabbie vuote chiuse costituite da atomi di carbonio interconnessi in anelli pentagonali ed esagonali. Ogni atomo di carbonio sulla superficie della gabbia è legato a tre vicini di carbonio. La molecola di Fullerene può subire un'ampia gamma di nuove reazioni chimiche. Ottimo materiale accettore e donatore di elettroni