Carbon Fullerenes C60 99.9% (cod 012102)


fullereni C60 

C60 (720.66 mol. wt.) Fullerenes C60 99.9 Appearance: Granular, dark-brown powder. Sublimed appears as deep blue-black needle-like crystals reaching 5 mm. Thin films (< 5 mm) appear golden-brown. Outer Diameter: approximately 1nm Fullerenes C60 99.9 is efficiently isolated by proprietary methods from the mixed extract (typically <80% C60) of carbon soot produced by a carbon arc operated under a sub-atmospheric helium environment. HPLC analysis is included with sample and indicates the presence of all fullerenes including parent oxides. Samples are vacuum-dried to remove residual solvent. Typically, the hydrocarbon content is <0.5%. Pure sublimed crystalline powders and thin films are available to meet the stringent absolute purity requirements for solid-state research. Hydrocarbon content typically <0.01%


I Fullereni di carbonio C60 99.9% sono gabbie vuote chiuse costituite da atomi di carbonio interconnessi in anelli pentagonali ed esagonali.